We are pleased to announce that the II International Symposium on Korean Pine Biology and Silviculture will be held on September 16-25, 2019 at Vladivostok, Russia.

The Symposium is organized by the Federal Scientific Center on the East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity FEB RAS (Vladivostok, Russia), Northeast Forestry University (Harbin, China) and Kangwon National University (Chunchon, Korea)  and co-sponsored by IUFRO. 

The goal of this symposium is to bring together scientists and practitioners from different countries interested in various aspects of Pinus koraiensis research, to review the progress in the this field, to report their study results, to present new ideas, concepts and techniques, to discuss topics of mutual interest, to promote the international efforts for the sustainability of the Korean Pine forest ecosystems and for the well-being of people depending on them.

The symposium topics will be centered on Korean Pine biology and technology including:

  • Cell biology and genetic improvement;
  • Propagation biology and technology;
  • Vegetation management;
  • Forests classification, natural and postfire dynamics;
  • Pests and diseases;
  • Soils

The participation of graduate and post-graduate students is especially encouraged.